Michael’s Lawn Sprinkler Service, Inc. “Preferred Customer Contract” Terms and Conditions

 1.       Yearly amount to be paid in full prior to Spring Startup service call and must be received no later than May 31.

2.       Reminder to schedule your appointment will be made by email.  If you do not have a valid email address, you will need to telephone us to schedule your appointment(s).

3.       If you move or sell your home, you may transfer the remainder of your program to the new owner.  If you choose for any reason to cancel the remainder of your contract, a pro-rated amount (less any additional work or materials) will be refunded with no further obligation by either party.

4.       Michael’s Lawn Sprinkler reserves the right to cancel any Preferred Customer Contract at any time for reasons of non-payment on additional work or material, scheduling conflicts or for any reason it deems appropriate to the welfare and operation of its business.   A prorated amount of refund will be determined by Michael’s Lawn Sprinkler if warranted.

5.       Michael’s Lawn Sprinkler does not warrant that your irrigation system is in working order at startup as part of this agreement.  Spring Startup service call (including a backflow test if appropriate) and Winterization in the fall are included in this agreement.  Spring Startup service call includes up to the first .75 man hours service work.  Additional work will be billed at our regular rates.  Any parts used (water well pumps not included) will be billed additionally but will be discounted 10% from our regular prices.  No additional work will be performed at Winterization service call unless necessary to perform the winterization itself and then any labor beyond the winterization will be billed separately plus parts used (10% discount will apply to parts).

6.       We recommend well systems can generally be started up in March and city water systems not be started up before April.  Michael’s Lawn Sprinkler has no control over the weather and will not be responsible for any frost damage to your system.  We recommend winterizing city water systems in October and well system in November.  Contract winterizations will be done either before or by the second week of December.  Winterization is done by blowing a high volume of air through your system to purge as much of the water as we can to avoid freezing components in the winter.  We do not guarantee against frost damage but rather to prevent damage as best we can.  It is the customer’s responsibility to schedule appointments in a timely manner.

7.       Michael’s Lawn Sprinkler will make every effort to schedule your appointment in an easy and convenient manner.  Our normal work schedule is Monday-Friday and we try to accommodate morning or afternoon preference.  We cannot schedule exact time appointment due to the nature of our work.  We are happy to telephone you 30 minutes ahead if you request it.  We do not schedule Saturday appointments.  If you have a water shutoff that is located in your basement, we must have access to it unless you have the water turned on for us when we arrive.  Access to sprinkler components including basement shutoff, timer or any component of your system we request in order to perform our work is the customer’s responsibility. Failure to provide access may result in additional charge(s) for missed appointments.