Spring is in the air!!!

Spring Startup Services

Yea!!  Spring is a great time of year.  Schedule your Spring Startup for this year today!  We will start your system, check it thoroughly and test the backflow preventer (if applicable)

 It's only $75 this year!* or sign up for our Preferred Customer Program

WELL WATER SYSTEMS can be started up in late February or anytime after.  Schedule your appointment today to get an early start and water in fertilizer for this spring!

CITY WATER SYSTEMS are vulnerable to cold weather and should be started in late March or anytime April.  If a cold night happens upon you after the system is turned on, your pipes and backflow device could freeze and break.  Cover these exposed pipes and backflow device.  An old blanket covered with a plastic trash bag works pretty well.

*$75 rate is for residential customers only residing within our service area.  For other terms or conditions, please contact us at 316-531-8822 or customerservice@michaelslawn.com